Geelong bobcat hire makes hard work easy on building sites

Posted on November 23, 2017 in News

If you are looking for quality Geelong Bobcat hire for landscaping, earthmoving or site clean-up work, then Barwon Hire has you covered.

With our experienced operators at the controls, these little workhorses get jobs done quickly and efficiently so you can move to the next stage of your project.

Just take a look at the video below and you’ll understand the brilliance that is Bobcat. It shows one of our four-wheeled Bobcats going through its paces on a job at Armstrong Creek. The robust machine makes light work of the task, transferring the soil swiftly into the waiting nine-tonne tipper.

Barwon Hire removed more than 70 cubic metres of soil after a site cut by a major building company at the Armstrong Creek location. The job was completed efficiently and all safety measures were securely in place. After all, safety is paramount, and we carry out thorough site inspections to minimise any danger to people, equipment and property.

All of our Bobcat operators are fully licensed and have plenty of experience. That means people hiring our machines and operators can be confident they’ll get a Bobcat service that meets their needs, whether they’re trying to shift a mountain of soil, clear away site debris, dig a pool or level a backyard.

So don’t try to do the heavy lifting by yourself. Call on the brute force of the Bobcat instead. These extremely manoeuvrable machines are the answer when space is tight, such as narrow areas, small blocks or any site with awkward access. Coupled with our tip truck, they’ll have the job done in no time.

Remember, turn to the team with runs on the board when it comes to Geelong Bobcat hire. And that’s Barwon Hire. Contact our professional team for more information.