Cost-effective skip bag hire and removal in Geelong

Posted on September 24, 2017 in News

Did you know that skip bag hire in Geelong is a cost-effective alternative to using skip bins?

Whether you’re dealing with green waste from a major landscaping job, tidying up a neglected property, clearing away demolition debris or facing a renovation, a large container to hold the rubbish is essential.

At Barwon Hire, we provide the skip bag hire Geelong people rely on to keep their work sites clean. We not only supply the bags but will come and collect them when they’re full, taking them off to the tip to save you time.

Just take a look at our video below to see how easy it is for our team to load and remove the bags for you. The bag in the footage, located on a busy Curlewis building site, can handle a maximum weight of 1.5 tonnes. And it’s no trouble to carefully hoist the fully-loaded bag up onto the back of our modern skip truck for removal.

We supply the brains, the truck’s crane mechanism supplies the brawn. It’s job done, no problems, no dangerous mess obstructing the busy work site and no time-wasting trips to the rubbish tip for the client. Mini skip bags have been a successful solution to waste removal on this Curlewis project and many others.

These tough, disposable bags, which are cheaper than using the traditional skip bins, can hold a huge range of items from green waste to old fixtures, broken furniture and construction debris. You can take your time to fill them, then give us a call when you’re done.

It is important, however, to put some thought into where you site your bags so our team can either drag them out easily or reverse our vehicle to them. Overhead cables, tree branches and even the jutting eaves of buildings can make it harder to remove them.

When it comes to skip bag hire Geelong people will be impressed by the versatility and affordability of our waste-collection bags. For more information, please contact us at Barwon Hire.